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Harvest Time

Crops ripened to their perfection,
Machinery now rolls in,
Maintenance checks, fuel replenished,
Time for harvesting to begin.

Gone may be the days of horse & cart,
Cue machinery expensive & loud,
Alowing greater speed & fewer people,
‘N’ other advancements to be proud.

‘Cept for times when they don’t work,
Though one hopes are far between & few,
Yet they can bring all to a stop,
Hopes for the crop to last take cue.

For harvest timing’s everything,
Alas it be green or too far gone,
May as well plough it under ‘n’ try again,
‘Cause harvesting at either would just be forlorn.

Thus when ’tis the right time,
‘All hands on deck’ shall be the call,
For a successful, uneventful harvest,
To be the pride of each & all!

So in roll the harvesters,
Balers, pickers, tractors & the like,
Alleviating crops of their bounty,
Whilst creating a wonderous sight.

Be it a farmer harvesting a block by day,
Or multiple lights widespread at night,
A vital job for human survival,
Which for some ’tis a delight.

Then once the harvest ’tis completed,
It shall be time to start again,
Some perhaps burning, plowing, re-sowing,
Then irrigating, (or praying for needed rain),
Up till the next harvest takes its mighty reign.

Fight or Fly

An idea… or a dream,
Plants a seed inside,
Creating excitement a plenty,
Which can be pretty hard to hide,
Voicing it at this early stage though,
Can create a rather short ‘n’ bumpy ride.

Then quietly comes a mountain,
Of research that must be done,
To see what might have to happen,
For it to receive an informed run,
‘N’ although it can be quite overwhelming,
Persevere… research can be a ton of fun!

Gradually it starts it’s growing,
Despite the obstacles in the way,
Clawing it’s way steadily through,
Not knowing if all this work will pay,
Yet still it grows on notwithstanding,
Surrounding negativity and challenges each day.

Then come competitors in plain sight,
Leaving for whatever their reason,
Even with doubt playing it’s evil hand,
It views quitting equal to treason,
Thus on it continues growing,
Throughout this challenging season.

Finally it starts observing,
All the hard work paying off,
Overcome challenges have taught much,
In preparation for a future rough,
That may be hiding amongst the success,
Practicing their own horrid evil laugh.

Now so close to the top,
‘N’ yet so far still to go,
Another challenge rares it’s head,
One so difficult most would bow,
But on it fights with every strength,
Every thing it has in stow.

With success after this battle,
It still needs to keep on it’s delicate edge,
Which can be rather difficult,
Much like balancing on an icy ledge,
One slight slip and all may be gone,
Staying on this point though ’tis it’s current pledge.

It’s achievements start empowering,
Others to have their turn,
All the learned lessons ‘n’ strategies,
Becoming legends for the next to learn,
For even once it has eventually fallen,
It’s workings may still continue to earn.

Thus why we must keep on dreaming,
Even once we’re living one,
For a dream fulfilled must keep on growing,
Improving and enhancing once begun,
So that we can keep on living in it,
Working on it whilst having fun.

Super Storm

‘Twas a warm January afternoon,
Overhead ’twas a mostly blue sky,
With wind blowing to the stormy south,
Yet a mysteriously mighty storm ’twas nigh.

First came a few heavy rain drops,
Certainly nothing to phase,
An odd bit of lightning from thunder far,
Still nothing to cause a craze.

Suddenly rain started bucketing down,
Drenching the dry spotted ground,
Soon ’twas followed by light hail,
& wind blowing everything around.

Next moment it started swirling,
Creating a touch of panic,
Branches, wind, debris and ice,
Thickly spinning round in manic.

‘Twas uprooting trees ‘n’ breaking branches,
Damaging fences and buildings alike,
Leaving almost nothing upon it place,
Be it a plant, chair or a childs bike.

Eventually it quietened to a calm,
Although still electronic and overcast,
Damage ’twas assesed in it’s multitude,
Cleaning up ’tis now to be tasked.



Life goes on…

A seed,
If given the chance,
And just the right space,
Can start its life’s dance,
Growing a little and learning a little,
Till it blooms to entrance.

Ever Evolving,
To survive in its world,
Preparing its future offspring,
So that they in turn may thrive unfurled,
From life long lessons already learned,
And stand confidently tall instead of timidly curled.

Alas, one day,
It’s life comes to an end,
Devastating loving beholders,
Whom now grieve in their own blend,
Of life tasks never ending,
All on hold whilst this one they send.

Eventually though,
They must clamber on out,
Of the negative hole they’ve been thrown,
Infuse the passed throughout,
Inspirational new ideas, lives, seeds,
Arising to take them on their route.

The climb however,
Can contain, treacherous, tough terrain,
Some slip a little whereas others fall,
Gaining grazes or stabbings of negative pain,
Thus they now learn new ways to climb,
New strengths, paths, hopes, for positive gain.

New seeds gain enough light,
To shine through negative pain so raw,
That even dark days may seem bright,
As positivity and productivity,
Finally start to win the fight.

Thus presently,
Buds begin to show,
Releasing their magical high,
Overflowing with radiance yet still they grow,
Soon blooming in their own life’s dance,
Till they too wither, loosing their glow.

Diary of a road trip.

Car’s packed, it’s five something AM,
The sun’s still yet to rise,
The Children are still asleep in bed,
Put them in the car quick, ‘fore they arise.

Fuel, coffee, a pie or two,
From the ‘servo’ headin’ out o’ town,
The goal is to reach our destination,
In one peice, before the sun goes down.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred K’s on,
The hungry baby in the back seat stirs and cries,
Time for a break to stretch and resettle bub,
Till the next town however, endless lullabys.

A driver change then back on the road,
For a few more hundred K’s,
Getting closer to our destination,
It’s been mere hours, feels like days!

Next stop, the toddler wins,
It’s a park with swings and climbing ropes,
A little further down the highway,
‘Not long now!’ Everyone hopes.

When we finally do arrive,
Still in the light of day,
The kids run a little wild, free of the car,
After driving our minds away.

Overmorrow we’ll be off again,
Driving the long way back home,
Restless children in the back seat,
Oh the things we do to roam!

Power of seasons

Seasons come, just as they go,
Some times with rain, or sun, or snow,
Giving the land their customised glow,
Or bringing grief when too much in a row,
Just who are we all to really know,
Exactly what next season has in stow?

For it is not us who possess the power,
To control the seasons, hour to hour,
From its mighty ways we may even cower,
Whilst it kills or flourishes every flower,
Perhaps it will topple a mountainous tower,
Then almost all hope it might devour.

Dehydrated leaves could fall,
From dead trees once alive and tall,
As drought makes its deathly call,
Weakening and killing the strong or small,
Bringing dusty, dry devastation to all,
That only the lucky survivors will recall.

A season on and all around,
There may now be snow covered ground,
Frostbitten plants shall then be found,
For it to is deadly, without a sound,
Some may retreat, (warmer season bound,)
Or be buried under a giant icy mound.

Another can bring a wild storm or hurricane,
Creating another season with different pain,
Although bringing always welcomed rain,
Creating a healthy lush green stain,
Still, we hurt from all those it’s slain,
Yet off we go around again.

Dreamland skies – a lullaby.

Hush a bye, my little one,
Your big days all done,
It’s now time to close your eyes,
Though you’re still awake,
It’s now really quite late,
Please drift off to dreamland skies.

Hush a bye, my little one,
You’ve now had your fun,
Please just close your eyes,
The suns now gone to sleep,
And the nights dark and deep,
So drift off to dreamland skies.

Hush a bye, my little one,
Your sleep times now come,
So shut those gorgeous eyes,
You can play in the morn,
When you wake after dawn,
Now drift off to dreamland skies.

Hush a bye, my little one,
The sandman’s magics begun,
It’s dream time for those sleepy eyes,
Lay down your sweet head,
In your comfortable bed,
And drift off to dreamland skies.

Hush a bye, my little one,
In the morn you can run,
For now please rest your eyes,
Then when you arise,
There will be less cries,
So enjoy your dreamland skies.

So enjoy your dreamland skies.


Leaves falling from dying trees,
That normally survive the hot dry,
Animals bogged in fast drying dams,
Dying right where they now lie,
Young stock orphaned and weak,
Hand raised otherwise they’d die.

Once lush grass plains, reduced to dirt,
Everything in sight covered in thick dust,
Farmers struggling to continue on,
Minds drifting to better times with lust,
Reality brings another scarce withered crop,
They soldier on, because they know they must.

Available water sources drying before their eyes,
Nature dealing another ghastly knock,
De-stocking, selling up, re-writing survival plans,
Become a dark reality not to mock,
As affordable grain and other fodder supplies,
Get harder to find for their stock.

Others rally to lend a hand,
Helping to get them through,
Every little assistance relieves some pain,
Be it Financial, food, fodder or water too,
However there is only so much,
Those off the land can do.

Exhaustion claims the bodies of plenty,
Depression ravages minds across the land,
Some manage to escape the crushing hold,
Retreating to blissful places with sea and sand,
Whilst those left keep soldiering on,
Surviving though everything’s so bland.

Dark clouds signify some hope,
Perhaps a touch of much needed rain,
Mere thoughts of water and fresh life,
Ease minds filled so long with pain,
Eventually dams will refill and crops will grow,
Signalling parched land will be revived again.


One by one they march in,
Bearly noticeable at first,
Then suddenly there’s hundreds!
Guzzling what quenches their thirst.

You try product after product,
Trying to douse their massive rage,
Alas, you fail time and time again,
Soon your surrounded, as if in a cage.

Then a lull occurs just to delight,
You think you have them beat,
Next day they seem to have tripled,
They’re everywhere, even your feet!

So you try yet another method,
Hoping it will ease your pain,
Unfortunately it’s not to be,
For they have taken off again.

Eventually your patience subsides,
You’re pushed to your wits end,
At times even professionals can’t win,
Just try once more my friend.

One day you will wake to find,
They’re finally clearing out,
You’ve won! They’re eradicated!
Time to celebrate with a shout.