Your Wings Never Leave Me🦋

An enthralling divine angel;
Calls on me from time to time,
Rarely, waiting for me to fall asleep,
Ushering in nostalgic dreams and evocative memories.
Inducing an avaricious desire;
For the materialization of more than a mere magical subsistence;
The conjuring of a three-dimensional casing;
To endear with,
Reveling in the feel of a gentle touch and exuberant warmth,
To efface my harem of cognitive narratives,
To expound a loving world.
Pining for my best friend desperately,
A longing to call out for my progenitor incessantly,
Indeed what are spectacular dreams,
If without hair – raising nightmares to ground one’s fleeting soul,
To be caught off guard once again;
Video recordings and beaming pictures – a snarly game;
Oh how the yearnings ebb and flow!
Somedays I rage at medical science;
For not rewarding a valiant dignified fight,
Somedays, I begrudgingly look upon others,
Wishing my mother too was healthy and near,
As compassion and kindness;
A mother’s unconditional love; The bind nurtured through blood and time –
Seemingly an arduous task to be duplicated in a world of thorns and vines.
Alas, magical creature,
Let thy magnificent wings,
Lull me into a langurous sleep,
For your love inundates me with divine peace,
A knowing, that you will always be fluttering within my vicinity.

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