The Unseen Warriors🦹‍♀️🧚‍♀️

Something’s amiss,
A colour of sadness paints your eyes these days,
Your smile a simple farce,
Shouldering immense weights on frail well- tempered shoulders,
Tears shunned away,
A bolstering strength that neednt be had,
Words that cant be expressed,
Limbs that cant be moved,
Taste buds that savour menial decadence,
A ferocious spirit that remains unhampered.

A soul battling away,
A heartwrenching pain –
For all in the vicinity.
As the globe swivels around;
You remain perched the same way.
As the day turns into nightfall,
The determination you hold makes me tear.
Such a brave soul;
You inspire me so.
Oh how you master the act of combat so purposefully;
Privileged I will always feel, for being part of your infantry.

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