The Inescapable New Year Purge🤦‍♀️😎

A new year brings the hope of many things;
We say, to wipe the slate clean and start anew.
Still, a Gregorian calendar change does not automatically incite a renewed life circumstance.
Albeit, inducing a motivation/ desire to reflect on the passing year and inspiring a drive for change in the coming year.
So why do we wait for the year end to express hope, gratitude and excitement for the future.

For instance, why not do this daily or whenever one gets a chance:
– Expressing daily gratitude for one’s life and the people that have supported you thus far.
– Being assertive and open with expressions of love, joy, humour and even anger and hurt. Why bottle up all the nagging emotions till the year ends, hoping it would be swept away by the tsunami of the new year!
– ‘Going with the flow’ allows you the mental flexibility of preparing for what comes next. Saying goodbye to one year; it is hard to predict if the next year is going to be better or worse. Life is full of ‘ups and downs”. If you are waiting for everything to line up and to seize the perfect moment- you just end up ‘dreaming’ and ‘hoping’ and not actually, embracing living. So acknowledge the losses, but be proud of the triumphs – even if it was just waking up for the day.
– The goal of self-reflection for the betterment of the human spirit. To be kinder, compassionate, giving, loving and be able to maintain one’s integrity when doing so. We all have different internal drives. I have come to understand you are able to inspire change in someone intellectually but the choice for personal tranformation is self- dependent.
– Last but not least,  to be always open to all and treat everyone equally. How you treat others, is how you will be always remembered.

So why not make a yearly resolution, a valuable one by revisiting it more than once.

Let the new year celebrations begin🥳👌.

Wishing all a joyous year ahead!!

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