What if…!!🤯

What if, what if – the witching hour chorus sings!
Hopes and dreams – a mere mirage it can seem,
So tantalizing, so sweet;
A want to devour instanteneously,
The grosteque halt towards fulfillment, deemed unfounded mostly,
A common misconception – I attest to!
Delayed gratification is never only uttered condescendingly,
The journey indeed gratifying,
The hurdles, furthering evolution,
Challenge the view of insurmountable,
Engage your mind in the test,
Never in jest!
Your actions will soon follow under no duress,
The fanciful cogntive exercise of ‘what ifs’;
Definitely fills time – oh my yes;
Deterring a peace of mind simultaneously,
‘What if’ – is a no man’s land;
Surrender to the currents that envelopes you in turmoil,
Embracing what is destined;
The courage to change all that is not meant to be;
Gratitude for your life’s voyage will certainly set your free.
Uncertainty lies in the ebbs and tides of nature’s play !
So, if life decides to throw you lemons, go buy limes instead🤭

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