My third eye🧐

Reading people a passion of mine,
Nooks, corners and crime – I am enthralled by;
Imperfections – an endearment of mine,
A discerning eye, there is nothing that escapes my precious eyes.

Success is embracing life,
Envy endures the petty kind,
Failures, a stepping stone to a better life;
Attest to that I will, a thousand times.

Privilege yourself with love and unconditional strength,
Nourish your soul with those that applaud and commiserate you,
Have courage in wearing your heart like a badge,
Self-respect warrants filtering all that does not bode well,
No matter how good one’s heart yearns to be;
Inadvertently, assertiveness hollers to treat people analogous to how they treat you,
Sordidness arising from hurt bottling beneath;
Yet incomprehensible,                   The need for some to be underhanded to thrive!
Double- toned ties I despise greatly,
Mind-games, I shut out completely!

Having no hold on how others view you,
Only your vision of yourself, ultimately stays with you!
Be a seer, foreseeing your triumph,
Victory will soon follow in every sphere,
Happiness and fulfillment – your infinite making,
Hence applaud you I am on your onward journey.

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