Your Voice Matters!!🎤

I sing a song never sung before,
The melody envelopes me,
Taking me to heights I aspire to reach,
The lyrics embody my soul,
How does each song that plays resonates so!
My croacky croons are far from that of an opera singer;
The vocal cords alas are just a mere sphere,
My inner voice booms like a foghorn into the stratosphere,
Hear what I have to say,
Because I hold it dear.
I have so much gratitude for all that is near,
So much love, generosity and genuine philantropy I endure,
Still there are so many whose struggles we dont bear;
How I can live so mundanely, when others in the world live in depravity and fear,
With fortitude and hopefulness, may humankind shine light on the impoverished,
A voice we have through pencils, papers and noise;
Not to forget the masses that can be reached through the eclectic seance of the worldwideweb,
Mobilize our literacy skills and compassion for altruitistic truths,
Fortuitous that we can be voice of sound for those unjustly done.
Lets push for a change today,
For its just luck and good karma we were born in the lineage of words in this time and day.
Our actions cocreate how our futuristic selfs will prevail.

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