My secret pleasurešŸ¤«

A consumption of an exquisite coveted production,
The sweet sugary milk and cream melts within the vestibules of the mouth,
The gratification from the piercing chill that bites into the teeth and lingers long enough,
The smooth texture caressing the tongue,
Smoothing the frowns that embellish the protective layer my crown,
A dopamine rush send pleasure tingles down into my toes,
Never could I savour the same from a savoury meal,
The mindful eating of a depraved delicacy,
Elucidates more passion then the wasted labour of counting calories,
A brain-freeze, I get with active wear and Pilates,
The fortified sugar also takes my breath away but I surrender to in an unassuming way,
Numbing my senses – I am swayed by its tantalizing shades,
The crunchieness of its unwavering support – the cone;
The epitome of a pleasurable day;
Having a gelato- may just be a deviant doctor’s self- prescription for the dayšŸ˜‰

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