Harvest Time

Crops ripened to their perfection,
Machinery now rolls in,
Maintenance checks, fuel replenished,
Time for harvesting to begin.

Gone may be the days of horse & cart,
Cue machinery expensive & loud,
Alowing greater speed & fewer people,
‘N’ other advancements to be proud.

‘Cept for times when they don’t work,
Though one hopes are far between & few,
Yet they can bring all to a stop,
Hopes for the crop to last take cue.

For harvest timing’s everything,
Alas it be green or too far gone,
May as well plough it under ‘n’ try again,
‘Cause harvesting at either would just be forlorn.

Thus when ’tis the right time,
‘All hands on deck’ shall be the call,
For a successful, uneventful harvest,
To be the pride of each & all!

So in roll the harvesters,
Balers, pickers, tractors & the like,
Alleviating crops of their bounty,
Whilst creating a wonderous sight.

Be it a farmer harvesting a block by day,
Or multiple lights widespread at night,
A vital job for human survival,
Which for some ’tis a delight.

Then once the harvest ’tis completed,
It shall be time to start again,
Some perhaps burning, plowing, re-sowing,
Then irrigating, (or praying for needed rain),
Up till the next harvest takes its mighty reign.


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