Fight or Fly

An idea… or a dream,
Plants a seed inside,
Creating excitement a plenty,
Which can be pretty hard to hide,
Voicing it at this early stage though,
Can create a rather short ‘n’ bumpy ride.

Then quietly comes a mountain,
Of research that must be done,
To see what might have to happen,
For it to receive an informed run,
‘N’ although it can be quite overwhelming,
Persevere… research can be a ton of fun!

Gradually it starts it’s growing,
Despite the obstacles in the way,
Clawing it’s way steadily through,
Not knowing if all this work will pay,
Yet still it grows on notwithstanding,
Surrounding negativity and challenges each day.

Then come competitors in plain sight,
Leaving for whatever their reason,
Even with doubt playing it’s evil hand,
It views quitting equal to treason,
Thus on it continues growing,
Throughout this challenging season.

Finally it starts observing,
All the hard work paying off,
Overcome challenges have taught much,
In preparation for a future rough,
That may be hiding amongst the success,
Practicing their own horrid evil laugh.

Now so close to the top,
‘N’ yet so far still to go,
Another challenge rares it’s head,
One so difficult most would bow,
But on it fights with every strength,
Every thing it has in stow.

With success after this battle,
It still needs to keep on it’s delicate edge,
Which can be rather difficult,
Much like balancing on an icy ledge,
One slight slip and all may be gone,
Staying on this point though ’tis it’s current pledge.

It’s achievements start empowering,
Others to have their turn,
All the learned lessons ‘n’ strategies,
Becoming legends for the next to learn,
For even once it has eventually fallen,
It’s workings may still continue to earn.

Thus why we must keep on dreaming,
Even once we’re living one,
For a dream fulfilled must keep on growing,
Improving and enhancing once begun,
So that we can keep on living in it,
Working on it whilst having fun.


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