Super Storm

‘Twas a warm January afternoon,
Overhead ’twas a mostly blue sky,
With wind blowing to the stormy south,
Yet a mysteriously mighty storm ’twas nigh.

First came a few heavy rain drops,
Certainly nothing to phase,
An odd bit of lightning from thunder far,
Still nothing to cause a craze.

Suddenly rain started bucketing down,
Drenching the dry spotted ground,
Soon ’twas followed by light hail,
& wind blowing everything around.

Next moment it started swirling,
Creating a touch of panic,
Branches, wind, debris and ice,
Thickly spinning round in manic.

‘Twas uprooting trees ‘n’ breaking branches,
Damaging fences and buildings alike,
Leaving almost nothing upon it place,
Be it a plant, chair or a childs bike.

Eventually it quietened to a calm,
Although still electronic and overcast,
Damage ’twas assesed in it’s multitude,
Cleaning up ’tis now to be tasked.




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