Life goes on…

A seed,
If given the chance,
And just the right space,
Can start its life’s dance,
Growing a little and learning a little,
Till it blooms to entrance.

Ever Evolving,
To survive in its world,
Preparing its future offspring,
So that they in turn may thrive unfurled,
From life long lessons already learned,
And stand confidently tall instead of timidly curled.

Alas, one day,
It’s life comes to an end,
Devastating loving beholders,
Whom now grieve in their own blend,
Of life tasks never ending,
All on hold whilst this one they send.

Eventually though,
They must clamber on out,
Of the negative hole they’ve been thrown,
Infuse the passed throughout,
Inspirational new ideas, lives, seeds,
Arising to take them on their route.

The climb however,
Can contain, treacherous, tough terrain,
Some slip a little whereas others fall,
Gaining grazes or stabbings of negative pain,
Thus they now learn new ways to climb,
New strengths, paths, hopes, for positive gain.

New seeds gain enough light,
To shine through negative pain so raw,
That even dark days may seem bright,
As positivity and productivity,
Finally start to win the fight.

Thus presently,
Buds begin to show,
Releasing their magical high,
Overflowing with radiance yet still they grow,
Soon blooming in their own life’s dance,
Till they too wither, loosing their glow.


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