Diary of a road trip.

Car’s packed, it’s five something AM,
The sun’s still yet to rise,
The Children are still asleep in bed,
Put them in the car quick, ‘fore they arise.

Fuel, coffee, a pie or two,
From the ‘servo’ headin’ out o’ town,
The goal is to reach our destination,
In one peice, before the sun goes down.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred K’s on,
The hungry baby in the back seat stirs and cries,
Time for a break to stretch and resettle bub,
Till the next town however, endless lullabys.

A driver change then back on the road,
For a few more hundred K’s,
Getting closer to our destination,
It’s been mere hours, feels like days!

Next stop, the toddler wins,
It’s a park with swings and climbing ropes,
A little further down the highway,
‘Not long now!’ Everyone hopes.

When we finally do arrive,
Still in the light of day,
The kids run a little wild, free of the car,
After driving our minds away.

Overmorrow we’ll be off again,
Driving the long way back home,
Restless children in the back seat,
Oh the things we do to roam!


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