One by one they march in,
Bearly noticeable at first,
Then suddenly there’s hundreds!
Guzzling what quenches their thirst.

You try product after product,
Trying to douse their massive rage,
Alas, you fail time and time again,
Soon your surrounded, as if in a cage.

Then a lull occurs just to delight,
You think you have them beat,
Next day they seem to have tripled,
They’re everywhere, even your feet!

So you try yet another method,
Hoping it will ease your pain,
Unfortunately it’s not to be,
For they have taken off again.

Eventually your patience subsides,
You’re pushed to your wits end,
At times even professionals can’t win,
Just try once more my friend.

One day you will wake to find,
They’re finally clearing out,
You’ve won! They’re eradicated!
Time to celebrate with a shout.


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